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Welcome to S.T.E.M. Christian Academy

Parents as Partners

At S.T.E.M Christian Academy, we recognize that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. We are always interested in hearing how a child is doing outside of school, and we learn so much about a child by having conversations with parents. We strive to build strong bonds with families, to create a partnership that puts the emphasis on what’s best for each child.

Parent's Rights and Responsibilities

  • To know about all aspects of the program
  • To know all about their child’s experience in the program
  • To feel welcome visiting, calling, or observing (background clearance may be required)
  • To feel free to ask questions of the faculty (when they can respond without interrupting the program)
  • To feel assured that their beliefs, concerns, and values are sought and respected
  • For children to feel an assurance of complete confidentiality (where appropriate) on all matters involving the welfare of children and families.
  • To read the Parent Handbook and follow all policies and procedures
  • To keep all important information current, including contact information, medical exams, etc., and to respond to requests for information from staff
  • To respect school staff as professionals who work with families to provide quality care.
  • Volunteer- At S.T.E.M Christian Academy, we encourage parent involvement.  

Join The PTO

We believe educating your children is a joint responsibility between home and school. The PTO was created to allow this goal to be achieved. S.T.E.M encourages all our parents and staff to participate in the PTO. Being a part of the PTO is a great way to be involved in your child’s life and education. The PTO enables parents and families to network, build strong community ties, and create a wholesome, Christian environment for staff, students, and their families to be a part of.

The S.T.E.M Christian Academy PTO organizes fundraisers and helps put on school events and functions. Studies have shown that being a part of the PTO benefits your children and is a rewarding experience for all involved.

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